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4x 1h (33.-) ühe kuu jooksul (paketi tavaline hind- 152.-, nüüd 132.-, soodustus- 20.-).

6 x 1h (30.-) kahe kuu jooksul  (paketi tavaline hind-  210.-, nüüd- 180.-, soodustus- 30.-).


Varasem versioon keha imelised võimalused,ingl k versioonis

This is a new method for the health of the body

  • Without any exercises!

  • You only use the power of concentration.

  • It will bring very successful results and that every session works!

  • You have the possibility to help your body with your thoughts and feelings – good changes (more relaxed muscles, straighter posture, more flexible joints, more slender body, etc.) will begin to appear right away.


   Video “Positive feelings work miracles with the body …” is a comprehensive tutorial by content, which introduces a way to help our bodies and is suitable for us all. The key to this method´s success is the positive feelings and the time period during which you feel those feelings.


   So far, the effects that have occurred by this method, have been thought as miracles, although this video makes you realize that this kind of positive change can be easily evoked.

Therefore, you be the one who makes miracles for Yourself!

   Enjoy watching!

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